About Me


My first experience as a journalist wasn’t exactly glamorous. I worked on the morning news show at my middle school and on my first day as an anchor, I forgot my name on live camera with hundreds of students, faculty and staff watching. No one let me live it down but that never discouraged me from doing what I loved in the newsroom every morning.

Four years ago I took a leap of faith and embarked on a path that has led me to an investigative internship at the #1 local news station in the country, a Masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University and the opportunity to cover news from Michigan’s capital and the home of the Spartans. Along the way I’ve covered everything from campaign finances and criminal justice to mental health, immigration and culture. Placing people at the center of the stories is important to me, as all the data in the world won’t mean a thing if my audience can’t see themselves in my work and understand why it matters to them.

It’s safe to say I’ve gotten better since my days as a middle school broadcaster, but I have more to learn. For now, I plan to take it one story at a time.


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